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Professional Mutual-Aid Association
Activities and Programs

Basic values:

-The first value, in which the Association believes, is the human being in himself, without any discrimination of sex, race, opinion, religion or social class… This is why the beneficiaries from the loans and the services are women and men of diverse geographic, cultural, religious and social backgrounds.
-The second value, firmly linked to the first is the continuous ‘perfectibility’of the human being, which prevents desperation of any person, irrespective of his apparent limits.

Connected values:

-The AEP puts great interest in the economic side of development, not because of its value as such, but as being the necessary conditions, for autonomy.
-The economic development is valuable as a means, while the final goal is the human development.

Onto economic development, the AEP has tied its specifies formula called “Parabank”, which one can qualify as an attempt to humanize the relation of commercial banking, the only system actually existing in the country. In fact, the banking system gives privilege to those who are already favored economically and excludes from it system the tiny, small and sometimes medium enterprises. The Parabank (credit fund of social vocation) however,
-Helps those who are “economically weak”.
-Gives middle range loans with low facilitated interests.
-Encourages the establishment and development of small payable businesses.
-Establishes a human relationship between the borrower and the ordinary bank structure.

In times of crisis, and because of the lack of governmental planning, there usually develops in the country a “parallel economy” which helps the survival of economically weak social groups. The AEP supports such economy through its Parabank.

Within this spirit of solidarity, the AEP has tried to promote the spirit of ‘cooperatives’ by helping existing cooperatives, through collective loans and by granting several loans to an enterprise that several persons collaborate equally.

Finally, another value is the decision taken by the AEP to make the borrowers:
-Get acquainted with the goals and the values of the association, which contributes to the economic development project of the country
-To understand that by regularly paying-off their loans, they participate in the development of the services offered by the AEP, as well as in the increase of working capital of loans.
-Consider them jointly responsible for its success.

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