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Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)
History and Background

What Does the EERC Do?
The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) is recognized as one of the world''s leading developers of cleaner, more efficient energy and environmental technologies to protect and clean our air, water, and soil.

The EERC is a high-tech, nonprofit branch of the University of North Dakota (UND). The EERC operates like a business; conducts research, development, demonstration, and commercialization activities; and is dedicated to moving promising technologies out of the laboratory and into the commercial marketplace.

Strategic Solutions
The EERC provides practical, cost-effective solutions to today''s most critical energy and environmental issues and challenges. The EERC''s research portfolio consists of a wide array of strategic energy and environmental solutions, including clean coal technologies, CO2 sequestration, energy and water sustainability, hydrogen technologies, air toxics and fine particulate, mercury measurement and control, alternative fuels, wind energy, biomass, water management, flood prevention, global climate change, waste utilization, energy-efficient technologies, and contaminant cleanup.

Culture of the EERC - "Partnerships Are the Currency of Life"
The EERC has a very unique culture which distinctly sets it apart as one of the premier research centers in the world and makes it a unique professional partner. The EERC pursues an entrepreneurial, market-driven approach to research and development in order to successfully demonstrate and commercialize innovative technologies. For the past 20 years, the EERC has mastered the art of leveraging and enhancing federal research dollars by developing working partnerships with private industry, state agencies, the research community, academic institutions, and government agencies from all over the globe.

The EERC receives no state-appropriated funding, and the majority of EERC contracts are with nonfederal entities. The cornerstone of the EERC''s very successful culture is its commitment to providing practical, entrepreneurial people with the freedom to pursue strategic research focused on critical global energy and environmental issues. This is also the cornerstone and foundation for the EERC''s success in technology commercialization.

The EERC''s business partners range in size from large multinational corporations to regional utilities to small local businesses. The EERC''s government partners include not only federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but also state and local government entities.

Keys to Success
A unique culture.
A practical, entrepreneurial problem-solving approach that consistently meets client needs.
A willingness to assume risk.
A commitment to commercialize innovative technologies.
A working environment that provides the freedom to pursue promising opportunities.
A dedication to building partnerships with the private sector, government, and the research community.
A commitment to excellence.

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