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Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)
Activities and Programs

The EERC is focused on solving the energy and environmental challenges that the world faces today and tomorrow. The solution to each challenge brings with it the need for specialized capabilities, facilities, and experience. Because energy and environment are intimately related and the cornerstones of our society, they must be considered in a total context. However, the magnitude of many energy and environmental issues demands that they are treated as distinct components to facilitate understanding.

The EERC has at its foundation ten primary areas of focus as listed below. These ten are highly interrelated, and one of the strengths of the EERC is its ability to approach a problem from a multidisciplinary angle, employing multiple focus areas, and quickly crafting teams to solve the problem.

Energy & Environmental Topics
Advanced Power and Energy Systems
Energy Conversion System Optimization
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Control Technologies
Fossil Energy Resources (oil, gas, and coal)
Hydrogen Production, Distribution, and Fuel Cell Technology
Renewable Energy
Research Information Systems
Waste Utilization, Management, and Site Remediation
Water Management (availability, contaminant remediation, and flood and drought protection)

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