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Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)
Mechanism of Operation

How We Operate
Research, development, demonstration, and commercialization are the driving force behind the EERC''s success. The EERC maintains a highly flexible business approach, quickly crafting teams and tailoring contractual agreements to meet individual client needs.

In partnership with private industries, government agencies, and academic institutions, the EERC excels in developing, refining, demonstrating, and commercializing marketable technologies that provide practical solutions to real-world problems.

The key to commercializing these technologies lies in business partnerships. The EERC extends an invitation for partnership ventures to anyone seeking research, development, demonstration, and commercialization opportunities focused on energy and environmental technologies.

The EERC Is Essentially a Business
After the U.S. Department of Energy defederalized the EERC in 1983, it has been operating essentially as a nonprofit business within the University of North Dakota. Therefore, it is a state, not federal, research facility. It is important to note that the EERC receives no state-appropriated funding.

Working Relationships
The EERC has well-established working relationships with numerous private and public organizations throughout the United States and the world.

These relationships involve contracts with individual utilities, as well as contracts involving groups of utilities participating in cooperative multiclient projects.

The EERC has also established working relationships with hundreds of groups worldwide, including federal and state agencies, universities, coal companies, utilities, research and development firms, equipment vendors, architecture and engineering firms, chemical companies, and agricultural product companies.

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