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HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education)
History and Background

HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education ) is a NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Karachi, Pakistan working towards Community Development, comprising of professionals ( Doctors, Social workers, Educationists ) as well as grass-root workers.
The ultimate aim of HOPE is Community Development through self-sufficiency of the community. The members of HOPE are working side by side with community volunteers and organize them in Community Based Organizations ( CBO''S ). All activities in the community are planned into co-ordination with the CBO''S and implemented in the community through the CBO''S. Hence, the community becomes SELF- SUFFICIENT and the community development work is SUSTAINABLE.

HOPE is presently addressing the following issues in the community.
- Community Development and Organization into CBO''S.
- Community Motivation.
- Provision of Primary Health Care Services.
- Awareness raising in community through Literacy programmes.
- Income-generation activities.
- Environmental Sanitation.
- Promotion of Hygienic Health Practice

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