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HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education)
Activities and Programs


Located in the heart of urban slum (Katchi Abadi) of Zia Colony, having a population of 90,000 with no civic amenities and absence of health and educational facilities.

Located 100 Kms from Karachi, rural Thatta has a population 120,000. Basic civic amenities are lacking esp. medical care including surgical care and emergency medical care. Patients need to travel to Karachi for medical care. HOPE Hospital in Thatta is striving to provide best of medical care for the poor patients in Thatta.

Provides excellent health care facilities for the poor and needy of the area.

Facilities Include:

-24 hour Emergency
-Maternity Services
-Normal Delivery
-Caesarian Sections
- Gynecological Surgeries
- Fully Equipped Operation Theatre
- Labor Room
- General Surgeries
- X-Ray
- Blood Bank
- Laboratory

Under care of efficient doctors and expert consultants.


Annually 15 to 20,000 patients are seen. These patients come from all over Korangi Town and cannot afford the expenses of going to private hospitals. On an average the income of each family varies from Rs. 3000 to 5000 per month with the family size of at least 7 persons per household. Government health facilities like Civil and Jinnah hospital are at least 45 minutes to an hour away. Incase of emergences like a pregnant women bleeding, or a child dehydrated it becomes extremely difficult to transport patient to the city. The HOPE hospital provides secondary care comprehensive facilities for patient including a blood bank. Around 2500 deliveries are conducted annually with 1200 Gynaecological surgical procedures. Around 2 to 3000 surgical procedures are conducted annually. A neonatal ICU provides neonatal care.


The hospital in Thatta provides secondary care facilities to the poor and rural area in Thatta districts. Thatta district is the largest district in Sindh, comprising of Thalukas like Sajawal, Dharo, Sakro, Ghora Barri, Jhirk, Jhimpir, Ketibandar. All areas with no medical care. There is no other blood bank in Thatta except the HOPE hospital blood bank. We strive to provide best of medical care in the rural setting of Thatta by providing laboratory technicians, X-Ray technicians as well as some paramedical staff from Karachi. Consultants including gynaecologists, surgeons, child specialist weekly provide consultation visits from Karachi. Annually 10 to 15000 patients are seen.

These two Charitable Hospitals provide expert medical care for the poor and needy, with nominal charges.

Zakat fund is provided to the needy and un affording.


Vocational Centers in different areas provide learning opportunities for young girls & boys in the area. Sewing, cutting and embroidery classes are held for young girls. Computer classes provide software and hardware training for both boys and girls. In these slum areas the youth has no other opportunities to access computers, Internet facilities are also provided. English language classes are also held for youth. This helps in providing income generation activities.


School for children who cannot afford to go to school. Text books provided free of cost. Qualified teachers from the community teach the children. Majority of the children in these impoverished area, who were unable to attend school are now studying in the HOPE School. HOPE School in Karachi provides primary and secondary education to children in the impoverished areas. Nearly 750 children are studying in the morning and evening shifts in Karachi. A science laboratory also provide matric in science facility where no other science school is present. In Thatta, where educational facilities are lacking, nearly 250 children are studying up to Primary School. Most of the children in Thatta work in the fields and do not go to school. We also tried to maintain a good education standard in the Thatta school.


HOPE Home Schools located all over Karachi and rural Thatta. Nearly 3000 children are studying in 60 Home - Schools. These schools are located with in the house of the girl so she does not need to go out of the house. We provide free books to the children as well as school supplies to the teacher including dari, black board, stationary etc. Educated community girls teach un affording children who would otherwise play on the streets. In each school 30 to 35 children study. These are primary level schools. However, secondary level home school provide education up to matric for dropout girls students. Through Adult Literacy Classes, women are given basic literacy. They are thus able to read and write.


Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Centres located in various Katchi Abadies and rural areas including Manzoor Colony, Bilal Colony, Ghaggar Phatak, Mujahid Colony, Bhittaiabad. Theses provide basic maternal and child care, including ante-natal care, nutrition, normal delivery, immunization.


When the earthquake struck the northern parts of Pakistan, on 8th Oct 2005, many NGOs rushed to the site to provide emergency relief. The HOPE team also took part in the relief activities and a 17 member team comprising of doctors and paramedics took part in the relief activities. However, HOPE continued its activities both in the health and education sectors in the earthquake areas and visited these areas atleast thrice. With the assistance of UNICEF, HOPE started a new project for rehabilitating the nutrition status of children under 5 years and pregnant and lactating mothers. With the onset the earthquake and displacement of families, children have been the main sufferers and a majority of them have become malnourished. HOPE is working with LHVs and doctors working in the Basic Health Units (BHUs) as well as other health facilities, providing them with the nutritional supplement containing of micronutrients and monitoring their growth. Activities will also involve counseling mothers in their villages and working on various health related issues of children and women. Two offices have been set up- one in Muzaffarabad and the other in Bagh District. HOPE is providing services in Muzaffarabad and Bagh Districts as well as Neelum Valley.


HOPE has started work in the flood affected areas of Dadu, with the collaboration of UNICEF. HOPE has started work in two Talukas of Dadu- Johi and K N Shah. This involves setting up of a 10 bedded ward for children, managed by HOPE at the Civil Hospital, Dadu, where children with malnutrition and associated complications of diarrhea, ARI etc are being treated. In addition, two mobile teams of doctors are visiting the flood affected areas and treating nutrition deficiencies in the displaced populations. HOPE is planning to reach 28,000 children and 20,000 pregnant and lactating mothers. Supplementary food in the form of UNIMIX and plumpy nuts is being provided by UNICEF.


We would like your help in providing quality health and education for the impoverished population esp. women and children. Kindly send us your donations payable by cheque / Bank draft in the name of “HOPE”

ABN - AMRO Bank, Karachi, Pakistan
Account #: 420470026

Standard Chartered Bank, Karachi, Pakistan
Account #: 01619972001

Citibank, Karachi, Pakistan
Account #. 0350492003

Online Donations: www.hope-ngo.com

(For U.S.A., U.K. & Other Countries)

Donations can be made in cash or kind. (Approved U/S 2 (36) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 by the Commissioner of Income Tax.)For Further details please contact us at HOPE Community Centre.

For Donation of Earthquake Areas of other donation:

UBL Muzaffarabad. (A.J.K.)
Account #: 010-1834-1
Central Branch, Bank Square Chatter,
Muzaffarabad. (A.K.)
Branch Code: 1106


For Donation in Canada - Kindly send donation to.

Human Concern International
P.O. Box 3984, Station C, Ottawa, ON K1Y-4P2
Ph: 613-742-5948 or 1-800-587-6424

Plot # B-40, Street # 28, Sector # 32-A, Zia  Colony, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi – Pakistan
Phone #. 92-21-5069450-5071423-2239930-4539393
Fax: 92-21-4520464
E-mail: agboat@gerrys.net / agboat@hope-ngo.com
Website: www.hope-ngo.com

Satiyoon  Road,  Bukhari  Mohalla, Thatta.
Phone # 92-298-550491, 550492

Ward No. 22, Nelum Park, Bella Noor Shah, Muzaffarabad, A.K.
Ph: 0992542532

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