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Sasi Foundation
History and Background

The Foundation came into being on January 16 1999, and the Government registered the Deed of Trust. Sasi Foundation (SF) is a philanthropic and non-profit entity formed and supported by the Shroff family, their business and personal friends internationally and Sasi Group. The founders, trustees and sponsors are well-respected and successful corporate leaders, philanthropists, real estate developers, lawyers, investment bankers, wealth originators and entrepreneurs. These personalities Mr. Israil Menai, Mr. Firoz Shroff, Mr. Abbas Shroff, Mr. Saeed Y. Chinoy, Mr. Peter Thomas Yee and Mr. Waqas Muslim provided the resources to setup the Foundation under the leadership of Mr. Firoz Shroff.

Our Mission

Sasi Foundation will create social entrepreneurs through simple action and social impact.


Globally magnetize unutilized social resources to create social wealth for countries, corporations and communities.


Not to reinvent but socially utilize existing universal resources that are scattered by magnetizing them under a social entrepreneurship center with incubation and social investment platform


Encourage social entrepreneurship by innovating social wealth origination models to attract participation from wealthy individuals, family businesses and corporate entities for social planned giving and philanthropic participation.  


Provide social equity/seed capital and resources to professional individual managers, interns, fresh graduates and volunteers and assist them through part ownership in practical projects to create social wealth enterprises.
Provide financial and other resources to Non Profits, NGO''s and social institutions by collaborating in projects that have social entrepreneurship cause.
Provide assistance to companies and group of employees to turn their lay offs, department closures and plants closing into a social entrepreneurial opportunity through social capital/equity participation.
Provide social equity and assistance to communities with innovative implementation strategies to create social entrepreneurial centers to energize all sections of the society with a new mindset from employment to entrepreneurship. 


Assist and provide opportunities and capital resources as social entrepreneurs to develop socially viable businesses that will assist communities to create income and wealth for the families at all level globally. 


We are committed to provide social equity for the cause of Social Entrepreneurship. To provide and strengthen management resources where necessary. We welcome professionals with business and social experience as our partners. We will ensure this commitment to ascertain that our social projects are successful as perpetual global entities that can be replicated to generate income at grass root level globally.

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