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Activities and Programs



Promoting Democracy and Good Governance in Africa:

This project aims at promoting good governance by strengthening civil society to actively participate in the legislative and policy processes.

In Ghana where a series of public for a have been organized, the project helps to promote accountability amongst public officials by creating a platform for interaction between civil society on one hand and policy makers, MPs and government functionaries on the other.
 Raising tomorrow''s leaders today  
 Young participants in a World Environment Day activity planting a tree 

Promoting Human Rights in Africa:

The Foundation supports the Public Interest Network, a human rights watch group and think tank which is engaged in defending and protecting Humans Rights by addressing violations. The network uses Public Interest Litigation strategies and Public Interest Laws tools and is engaged in advocating for and protecting the rights of the poor, vulnerable disadvantaged in society.
 Promoting peace and global understanding among young people 
Taking part in a United Nations Day forum 
Training and developing Africa''s human resources:

The cutting edge of our Consultancy Services is the use and application of relevant and appropriate technologies to solving Africa''s development needs. Our training programmes target and impart new and emerging technologies to young people, equipping them for the challenges of the 21st century.

In particular, our Entrepreneurship programmes seek to equip and motivate young people to be able to make the decision to enter into and succeed in self-employment. 
Community leaders at the closing ceremony of an embroidery training programme :
The Foundation has a team of young but experienced professionals that offers Project Management Contracting Service to organizations and individuals. These services are the main sources of income and funding for the Foundation and its programmes. Thus instead of simply applying for free grants to run the foundation''s programmes, our Consultancy Service provides the needed resources to support our programmes.

Our Project Management service may include all types of social, scientific and engineering work aimed at raising the standards of lives of the poor in society. With our Management Contracting Services, we are able to mobilise the required technical know-how even when they may not be available in our organisation, whilst we manage efficiently the work of the respective consultants or contractors. The Foundation blends experienced consultants with intelligent young graduates. Additional to client driven work, the Foundation may initiate and commission its own research into identified problems and issues.
Raising a new generation of leaders

This FORUM presents a platform for young business persons and professionals to interact, share experience, identify opportunities, develop, sharpen their professional acumen and acquire the skills and competencies needed by Africans to excel in the highly competitive business world of the 21st century.
The Foundation organises leadership development programmes aimed at helping young people develop their potential. These programmes aim at helping to develop leaders for all sectors of national life and in the long term, to help reduce the problem of mismanagement and poor leadership in Africa.

As part of our leadership development activities, the Foundation offers an exchange programme with organisations in other countries whose development history and culture may offer relevant lessons to our effort to develop future leadership for Ghana.
 Raising tomorrow''s industry and business leaders today 
University students at an entrepreneurship training programme.
The Foundation also facilitates the coming together of young and potential leaders at both National and International Conferences.

The Foundation promotes a hands-on experience in leadership development through simulations of International Conferences and other meetings of International Leaders, like Model United Nations Sessions, Moot Court, Mock Parliament etc. for students who hold the greatest potential for leadership. We seek to promote a high level of international exchange and interaction to enhance the benefits to the participants.
Development clubs

The Foundation has Development Clubs in secondary schools. Development Clubs present a forum for young people to discuss development issues, helping to raise in them an awareness of the issues affecting the societies they live in. Young people are also empowered in the Development Clubs to be able to take the action required to bring about positive change in society.
 Today''s youth, tomorrow''s leaders 
A cross-section of members of Schools'' Development Clubs at programme.
Work Abroad Project (WAP)

Placements abroad offer hands - on approach to the development of young Ghanaian students and professionals.

Students and professionals may take part in scheduled short-term placements in countries in the geographic north that offer lessons for Africa''s development. Participants will take part in arranged work schemes whilst taking part in seminars, workshops etc. Programmes may last a maximum of six months with an option to raise it to one year. The mutually beneficial exchange programmes shall afford participants the opportunity to fine-tune their skills by learning from good examples of best practice in their respective field for adaptation and local use.
This is a Forum for Africans for discussing issues of concern to Africa. Apart from regular updates of new and proposed policies and legislature and their effects on Africa and Africans generally, the Forum, Africa Speaks also presents a platform for advocacy for the rights of Africans and peoples of African descent. The Forum serves as a Think Tank to collate ideas, strategies and analysis as well as recommend action on issues that affect the welfare of Africa generally and of Africans around the world.
To promote democracy in Africa, the Foundation broadcasts on radio and Television interviews and discussions that focus on Africa''s developmental problems and challenges and their solutions. Additional to educating civil society on nation issues, they allow for civil society to make an input into governance and to interact with policy makers.

We produce the ACTION POINT Talk show for broadcast on one of the largest independent radio stations in Ghana.

We have produced a series of TV interviews for in partnership with the private sector.
 A radio interview with the President of Ghana, His Excellency John Kuffour 
A partnership with a local radio station
We propose to expand the scope of our dialogue with policy makers to include the major players on the global policy arena including the International Development agencies and donors.
The Foundation''s publications disseminate appropriate development information to target users. We hope to offer desktop publishing services to the general public especially young entrepreneurs and youth groups at subsidised rates.

The Foundation is in the process of establishing an information clearinghouse / data bank where development-related information, reports of international organisations and research findings may be accessed.

Our Information Centres shall also work to provide cheap access to the Internet and computers by civil society.
For development to thrive in Africa, there must be an enabling environment of good governance, justice, accountability and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation works to promote Democracy, Human Rights and Good governance through training programmes offered by the Human Rights and Democracy Institute of Africa.
The Foundation proposes to organise a series of thematic conferences in Africa and abroad to focus on the major issues and challenges that Africa faces in the 21st Century. The Conferences shall target particularly young and potential leaders and will help to set a new agenda focusing on Africa''s priority developmental needs for the 21st Century.
This project seeks to highlight Black achievement by raising awareness about the lives and times of some great Africans. The programme aims at helping to motivate young Africans by providing them with role models.
 Empowering young people for community action  
In the run up to the 2000 Presidential elections in Ghana, Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation in partnership with a local Radio station organized a Voters Education Programme to educate voters on their rights, responsibilities as well as educating them on the election issues.
The Foundation in 1999 co-ordinated the launch in the second largest city of Ghana of the On-the-line Project, the programme of activities to celebrate the new millennium around the globe.
Parliamentary Fora: The Foundation has organized a series of public fora to provide a platform for dialogue and interaction between MPs and Civil Society. The Foundation is now establishing an on-line edition to expand the scope of participants to include Ghanaians abroad.
A series of Entrepreneurship programmes have been organized for young people including University students as a means to reduce the scale of unemployment amongst young Ghanaians. We have previously collaborated with the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) in organizing these programmes.
The Ghana Artifacts Project (GAP) which we co-ordinate seeks to promote the use in Ghana and the UK of Artefacts as educational resources by school children. Also as part of the Project, links have been established between Ghanaian and UK schools. The project is a collaboration with the Milton Keynes World Development Education Centre.
In the run-up to the 2000 Elections in Ghana, we produced and broadcast series of weekly Radio Programmes to educate the electorate about the election issues.

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