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Mechanism of Operation

Target 2015 Initiative
Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation is implementing an initiative as part of the global TARGET 2015 agenda to reduce global poverty by half by the year 2015. The programme involves amongst others:

The Ghana Online Project
Mobilising Resources (MORE) for Africa.
Building Resources for Africa''s Development (BREAD) Project
A new dawn has begun. We are in a new day dominated by technology. New information, Communication and Technologies have reduced the world into a global village. Countries that will count will need to fall in line and imbibe the use of new and rapidly developing technologies as have South Korea, Malaysia, China and the Asian Tiger economies or risk becoming forgotten entities in the New World economic order.

Ghana, like many third world countries, has been slow in the uptake of Information Technology and the realisation of the substantial benefits that accrue from even small investments in Information Technology.

If ever we must bridge the gap, we must first bridge the digital divide. This means taking effective strides towards putting more people online. That is what the Ghana online project is about. In short, Ghana online will help give access to the use of ICTs as well as offer the requisite training on how to use them.


To promote the use of Information, Communication and Technology strategies for development in Ghana.
To provide affordable access to ICT for the poor and less privileged.
To educate the public about the potential, uses and benefits of ICT.
To promote the use in Ghana of new ICTs. e.g. Internet radio, Web casts, ICG tools, e-mail, fax, MP3 etc.
To create an online Information clearinghouse for the business and social sector, to facilitate the development and maintenance of affordable Internet presence for Ghanaian businesses, institutions and government departments.
To help develop indigenous ICT resources and skills.
To promote the use of the Internet as a tool for development.
To advocate for legislation and policies that promotes affordable and mass access to computers and the Internet.
Project Activities
The Ghana Online Project will amongst other activities:

Build the Ghana Online Website, a one-stop information-clearing house that will offer relevant development information, access to government policies, legislation and selected public services online.
Set up Ghana Online Centres, which will provide affordable Internet access and access to educational resources on the web to Ghanaians. This will provide the opportunity to listen to and watch news from the BBC, CNN, Channel 4 etc., to watch webcasts from the UN and other non-governmental organisations, and very importantly to join in any debates and discussions on the Internet.
Set up computer clubs, which will provide computer training and experience to young Ghanaians.
Provide an e-commerce facility to enable Ghanaians abroad to identify, initiate and implement development and investment projects in Ghana. Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation shall provide management consultancy services where required.
This is a new initiative to mobilise the resources - both human and logistical - that Africa needs most for its development.

MORE for Africa recognises the potential for development partnerships between the global north and south and works to harness this potential to facilitate development in Africa. The project emphasises partnerships rather than "handouts" as an effective approach to sustainable development.

Recognising the contribution that Africans in the Diaspora make either through remittances or projects in their home countries, MORE for Africa believes effective partnerships between northern and southern organisations will yield an effective utilisation of resources and minimise waste and duplication. The project seeks to mobilise human, logistic, financial and technological resources for Africa''s development.

Through MORE for Africa, Leaders of Tomorrow Foundation serves as a BRIDGE between the north and the south, to identify resources in the north needed for the felt needs of the south and to facilitate the process of effective resource mobilisation and deployment.

Research project
So far, the Foundation has commissioned research into the use of Private Finance Initiative in the provision of public services. It is hoped that drawing from the experiences of developed countries, this research will identify innovative approaches to mobilising resources for the provision of 21st century standard public services in Africa.

This project aims at enhancing the contribution of Africans in the Diaspora to the development of their countries. It aims at helping to develop and build the resources and infrastructure needed for development on the continent. The BREAD Project recognises the great contribution that Africans abroad make to the development of their home countries either through remittances or specific projects undertaken back home. The BREAD Project therefore aims at helping to motivate more Africans to put their resources to use to help the development of their countries.

The BREAD Project thus hopes to help reverse the effects of the brain drain on Africa by helping Africans in the Diaspora to put their resources to work for their people.

The project also recognises the cost to Africans abroad and their frustrations as they attempt to establish projects and initiatives locally. The project will provide low-cost alternatives that will help save such people time and the hassle of travel. Increased investment by Africans abroad will lead to the creation of more jobs to reduce unemployment.

The BREAD Project is being run as a pilot in Ghana and will provide high standard consultancy services tailored to meet clients'' specific needs from project identification through initiation to implementation and management. Ghanaians abroad will not need to travel to Ghana to be able to invest or undertake developmental projects. The project will provide efficient, affordable professional project management services to meet a wide range of needs that Ghanaians abroad have.

The uniqueness of this project is that we will go through all the stages of development of the project with the client. We will jointly explore the opportunity, offer help assessing its feasibility and where required to initiate the project. At every stage of the project we furnish regular reports and updates accompanied by photos where possible, sent electronically or through other preferred media to enable clients follow the progress of the projects every step of the way.

If you would like to discuss a project idea that would fit into the aims of The BREAD Project, please fill out this form to let us know about it.


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