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We are part of ActionAid International, an international development agency whose aim is to fight poverty and injustice. Since 1972, we have been working with the poor and marginalised people of India. We partner local NGOs, community based organizations and people''s movements to collectively address poverty, inequity and injustice.

Through our partner NGOs and community based organisations we reach more than 5 million of the most poor and marginalised people, supporting them in their struggle to access their rights to food, shelter, work, education, healthcare and human security and helping them have their voice in the development decisions affecting their lives and livelihood.

Our vision is a world without poverty and injustice, one in which every woman, man and girl and boy enjoy the right to life with dignity.

We partner local organizations, who have the knowledge and experience and enjoy the confidence of the poor and marginalized communities we work with.

Our mission is to work with poor and excluded women, men and girls and boys to eradicate poverty, discrimination and injustice.

The people we work with include the dalit and tribal people, other sections of the rural and urban poor, women, children, and minorities. Within these groups, our focus is on people in vulnerable situations such as people living with chronic hunger, ill health, migrant and bonded workers, children out of education, urban homeless people, trafficked persons, persons with disability, displaced people and refugees, and people affected by natural and human-made disasters.

Our partners range from small community support groups to national alliances and international networks seeking food rights, education for all, trade justice, just and democratic governance, and action against HIV/AIDS. Our work with these national and international campaign networks highlights the issues that affect poor people and influences the way governments and international institutions think

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