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Florida Center for Environmental Studies
History and Background

The Florida Center for Environmental Studies (CES) is a state university system research center established in July 1994 by the Regents of the State University System of Florida. The Center was created as a place that would "synthesize and communicate knowledge...to the community at large." This "knowledge" refers to the management problems of Florida ecosystems and tropical and sub-tropical water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems worldwide. The center acts as a facilitator and coordinator of research and training related to the environment and as a locus for environmental information.

The Florida Center for Environmental Studies (CES) represents twelve Florida universities on environmental matters. Our role is to facilitate productive research, information and training relationships between the universities and state, national, and international agencies for both public and private sectors. The Center works in the broad field of the management of tropical and sub-tropical water dominated ecosystems and in related information technology worldwide.

The CES Mission statement is based on the above considerations:

The Mission of the Center is to collect, analyze, and promote the use of scientifically sound information concerning tropical and subtropical freshwater ecosystems.

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