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makan , At 09/07/2006

Arab tribes from Aswan

Jaafra music & songs 

Sayed Rekaby

Tuesday 11 July 2006 at 9 pm

                Sayed Rekabi is counted among the few singers who still perform the original repertoire of the traditional music of the Arab tribes of Upper Egypt. Born in the village of Jaafra in the province of Aswan, he learned these singing styles under the tutelage of the great masters of the Jaafra tradition, El Leithi and Abu El Amin whose repertoire encompasses numerous examples of popular poetry, such as the Nameem, a kind of poetic competition between two poet-singers in which each poet tries to "top" his rival's poetic lines with spontaneously composed poetry.



Zar Music & Songs - Mazaher ensemble

Wednesday 12 July 2006 at 9 pm

Mazaher is an ensemble in which women play a leading role. The musicians of Mazaher, Umm Sameh, Umm Hassan, Nour el Sabah are among the last remaining Zar practitioners in Egypt. The music is inspired by the three different styles musical styles of the Zar tradition practiced in Egypt. One of the African dimensions of Egypt, Zar music unfolds through rich poly-rhythmic drumming: it's songs are distinctly different from other Egyptian music traditions. The music of Mazaher is inspired by the three different styles of Zar music practiced in Egypt-the Egyptian or Upper Egyptian Zar, Abu Gheit Zar and the Sudanese, or African Zar.


At MakAn


1 Saad Zaghloul St. 11461, El Dawaween , Cairo.

    (on the corner of across Saad Zaghloul street and Mansour street, across the street from the

Mausoleum of Saad Zaghloul)

map on http://www.egyptmusic.org/plan.jpg

Tel: 7920878


Doors open at 8:30pm.

Tickets: 20 LE, 10 LE and 5 LE

Coffee, tea and soft drinks are served






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